A weekend in Cantou Paouruc is perfect for a family or friends meeting… Two days will make you want to come back again…  A weekend will not be enough to get to know all the treasures of the Tarn!  There is something for all tastes, all ages and all budgets. The region is rich in treasures : cultural heritage, exhibitions, walks…

Cantou Paouruc

0 km

Rest, relaxation, games are the main activities : volleyball, badminton, children’s games and a swimming pool happily shared with the owners.


2 km

All shops and services are available to visiters : post office, grocer’s, garage, hairdresser’s, baker’s, chemist’s, doctor’s and physiotherapist’s.

Food-lovers will be able to taste the specialities of the region at “Chez Alain-La Bombardiere”, a Logis de France restaurant with traditional cooking.

“Cuq en terrasses”, charming hotel and restaurant, original and fine cooking with vegetables from the garden.

Walk on one of the many ramblers’ paths, or play tennis or play “petanque”


8 km

Magrin has a museum in the château with an exhibition of pastel woad cultivation and belongs to the “Route du Pastel en pays de Cocagne” touring loop, 80 km with 10 castels.


11 km

Puylaurens is the nearest town. The banks, petrol-stations and various businesses complement the services available at the village of Cuq Toulza. Puylaurens, with its medieval streets, is the birthplace of ‘Marianne’ – symbol of the French republic.
Every Wednesday there is a market in the market place.

For those who like to eat simple and authentic dishes there is “Le cri de la Fourchette”.

Sporting activities are possible : horse-riding, walks and a playground in the trees. Quad bike practice is available at “l’Aubépine”.

Gastronomy is a must: tasting local produce can be arranged in accredited farms (marked “Bienvenue à la ferme”).

For further information the nearest tourist office is :

Office du Tourisme Intercommunal Sor et Agout, bureau de Puylaurens
Tarn (81) – Midi – Pyrénées
1, rue du Marché, 81700 PUYLAURENS
tél. 09 75 52 46 85
email :
Website : http://cocagne.tourisme-tarn.com/fr/dourgne-et-puylaurens

Reception hall and exhibitions
Various cultural visits are possible:

Saint Félix Lauragais

15 km

Saint Félix de Lauragais is a medieval village with a renowned restaurant, “L’Auberge du Poids Public”.


18 km

Revel has a market place, a traditional Saturday morning market and a cinema…. The market is one of France’s finest top 100 markets.

Cinéma and local library are available at the « Ciné Get ».

The wood and marquetry museum proposes permanent exhibition related to wood jobs and temporary exhibitions with contemporary artists.

The craft village of Durfort also is to be visited.


21 km

Lavaur, the Tarn region’s pink town, has much to offer to all visitors with its ancient little streets and houses : the Saturday morning market, the Saint Alain cathedral and shopping.

Numerous little fortified villages with castles and ramparts punctuate the countryside of the region.

For further information, visit Lavaur tourist office website.

Saint Ferréol

22 km

Saint Ferréol has a lake with nautical leisure activities. Numerous restaurants allow to satisfy the taste of each.

This artificial lake with a retaining wall was built by Pierre-Paul Riquet (famous engineer) for the “Canal du Midi, a World Heritage UNESCO site, also exposed in a museum. A restaurant is available on site.


24 km

Fiac has an 18-hole golf course in wonderful surroundings.


26 km

Here you can see the former royal abbey-school where scholars dedicated themselves to books and dictionaries.


30 km

Giroussens : Ceramic Museum, Jardin des Martels (ideal for children with its little train).


32 km

Castres : birthplace of Jean Jaurès, Goya Museum and half-timbered houses on the edge of the river Agout.
For further information, visit Castres tourist office website.


40 km

Toulouse… of course !


40 km

Lautrec small medieval village perched on a hill, renowned for its production of pink garlic. It is also the home of the family of the artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Children will love to see traditional skills such as clog-making.
For further information, visit Lautrec tourist office website.


45 km

Rabastens for its magnificent Notre-Dame-du-Bourg church. For further information, visit Rabastens tourist office website.


50 km

Gaillac for its vineyards. For further information, visit Gaillac tourist office website.


65 km

Albi to admire the town, the fortified cathedral of Sainte-Cécile and the Toulouse-Lautrec Museum, a World Heritage UNESCO site. For further information, visit Albi tourist office website.


67 km

Castelnau-de-Montmiral rated as one of the 100 most beautiful villages of France, along with Puycelci (78 km).


75 km

Labastide-Rouairoux to see its eco-museum for textiles and spinning. For further information, visit Labastide-Rouairoux tourist office website.

Le Sidobre

80 km

Lacaune to savour its charcuterie and to walk on the granit plain of the Black Mountain, the Sidobre. For further information, visit Lacaune tourist office website.


80 km

Carcassonne to walk around the ramparts of the medieval town, a World Heritage UNESCO site. For further information, visit Carcassonne tourist office website.

Cordes sur Ciel

80 km

Cordes sur Ciel to wander in the narrow streets of this remarkable walled town that seems suspended from the clouds. For further information, visit Cordes sur Ciel tourist office website.


85 km

Carmaux for the history of mining through the centuries.
A leisure park has been laid down using the slopes of the crater of the opencast mine. Children, teenagers and adults will be thrilled by the proposed activities.
For further information, visit Carmaux tourist office website.